From Luther . . .

(Luther speaks of clinging to the words of Christ in the Sacrament for the forgiveness of sin and our victory over death.)

So you see how we are to understand and be certain about the words of the Sacrament. It all depends on this. We must all know, understand, and cling to these words with faith . . . for that is where the whole treasure lies on which you are to stand and rely, for [the words] were really spoken to you. "My body was given; My blood was poured out" (says Christ). Why? So that you should only eat and drink it? No, but "for the forgiveness of sins." That is what affects you specifically, and everything else that happens and is said serves only the purpose of your sins being forgiven. But if it serves for the forgiveness of sins, then it must also be good for overcoming death. Where sin is gone, death is also gone, and hell besides. Where these are gone, all misfortune is also gone, and all happiness must be there.

[from "Confession and the Sacrament" [1524], §19
in Luther's Works, Vol. 76: Church Postil II © 2013 CPH, p 442-43]

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