From the Pastor . . .

Faith Fed, Faith in Action

Luther often spoke of two kinds of faith: passive faith and active faith. It is important to keep the two separate and distinct, and to understand the role of each.

Passive faith
is our faith toward God which receives everything from Him as gift. When it comes to our salvation, God does everything.

Active faith
is the living out of our faith and life in Christ in love toward our neighbor. These are good works, acts of mercy, that having received from God we now give to our neighbor.

You will note that our newsletter pages this issue are filled with opportunities for your faith to be fed by God and to be lived out in love toward your neighbor. First are the Holy Week and Easter services offered for you. There is something every day of the week for you to hear the Word of God, and then also to receive His Supper and meditate upon His cross. I hope you will take advantage of as many of these as you are able.

Then second are the many opportunities to serve: packaging food for those in need all around the world, raising money to help mothers in need and encouraging them to keep their babies, and helping get the word out about our church and our Saviour at Viva Vienna. I hope you will also take advantage of as many of these opportunities as you are able as well.

Faith fed by your Saviour; faith in loving action toward your neighbor. That is the joyous Christian life!

His servant and yours,

Pastor Douthwaite

Missouri Synod
114 Kingsley Road SW, Vienna, VA  22180
Rev. James Douthwaite, Pastor
Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church