Stay in the Word of God!

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
~ Psalm 119:105

+ Morning Prayer on the Web - Every Monday-Friday morning at 7:00 am, join us on WebEx for Morning Prayer. This lasts approximately 20 minutes and is a good way to start the day! Especially these Covid days when many do not have to commute, join us! But even if you do, you can join us on your phone with the WebEx app, or phone in to listen on your way.

+ Noontime Prayer - Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:05 pm, join us on our YouTube channel for a short time in the Word of God and prayer. This was started especially to pray during this Covid time and for the needs of our nation and people.

+ Online Bible Study - Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in our WebEx room. We are currently reading, studying, and discussing the book of Ezekiel.

+ Psalm Devotions - These are written devotions sent out in our "In Touch" emails and also collected on our Web Site. They are only about a five minute or so read.

+ Devotion Page in Bulletin - Need some suggested Scriptures to read during the week? Use this page on the insert of the bulletin each week, and also posted to our church blog.

+ Portals of Prayer - We provide this little devotional book free of charge to everyone.

+ Sermons Archive - Most of Pastor's sermons from the last 17 years are on our Web Site. Check them out. There are both written and audio links for most sermons.

However you do it, stay in the Word of God!

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