Sermons Archive
Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
These pages contain the sermons of Pastor Douthwaite preached at St. Athanasius and sorted by seasons of the Church Year. You will find these sermons adhere to the following characteristics of all faithful Lutheran preaching:

1. Lutheran sermons are Liturgical -- These sermons follow the life of Christ and His Body, the Church, through the Church Year. [Click the "Church Year" button on the left to find out more about this.]  Such preaching is tied to the assigned readings for each Sunday of the year (the lectionary), except for special midweek sermon series.

2. Lutheran sermons are Christological -- These sermons focus on the work of Christ for us and for our salvation through the proclamation of Law and Gospel. Of primary concern is not our own self-improvement or effort, but the work and forgiveness of Christ for us, in us, and through us.

3. Lutheran sermons are Sacramental -- These sermons highlight the importance of how Christ comes to us today through His Word and Sacraments. Holy Baptism, Holy Gospel, and Holy Communion are the "means" to which God has bound Himself, that we always know where the unchanging and timeless life and forgiveness of our Lord is for us.

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