Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
Special Sermons
(Sermons preached on special occasions or
outside of the usual Divine Service)
Installations and Ordinations
Installation of Rev. Daniel E. Grams - "He Who Hears You, Hears Me" [PDF]
Ordination of Anthony Iovine - "For the Sake of the Gospel" [PDF]
Installation of Rev. James Rice - "The War of the Word" [PDF]
Installation of Rev. Daniel Broaddus - "Many Years, Many Pastors, One Shepherd" [PDF]

Funeral of Nelson Meadows - "Hope for Failures" [PDF]
Funeral of Sophie Dow - "Christian Burial of Sophie Dow" [PDF]
Funeral of Harmon R. Martin - "A David Among Giants" [PDF]
Memorial Service for Harmon R. Martin - "The Shepherd's Plans" [PDF]
Funeral of Thomas Rayfield - "True Confidence" [PDF]
Funeral of Michael E. Kekker - "Today: Paradise" [PDF] [Listen]
Funeral of Dorothea Eckert - "I Shall Not Die, but I Shall Live" [PDF]
Funeral of Lorena Stiles - "Atop the Mountain in Victory" [PDF]
Memorial Service for Lorena Stiles - "Waiting No More" [PDF]
Funeral of Louis Anthony Steiner - "Hope" [PDF]
Funeral of Phyllis Martin - "Ladybug" [PDF]
Funeral of William Douthwaite - "The Promise of Nothing" [PDF]
Funeral of Althea Kekker - "A Life Worth Celebrating: Jesus' " [PDF] [Listen]
Committal of Connie Smith - "Praise the Lord!" [PDF]

Baptism of Merryn Elspeth Grindstaff - "Baptized into an Open Grave!"
Baptism of John Peter Hensley - "One Lamb, Two Saint Johns"

Marriage of Jonathan Malekzadeh and Viviana Figueroa - "What Have You Heard?"
Marriage of James Cassell and Susan Roark - "New Creation"
Marriage of Thelma Jones and Randy Myers - "Loving by Forgiving"
Marriage of Mary Veith and Ned Moerbe - "A Promise You Can Count On"
Marriage of Jessica Shultis and David Marsh - "Jesus Will Provide" [PDF]
Marriage of Elizabeth Malekzadeh and Richard Libby - "It's All About Jesus" [PDF]
Marriage of Ashley Knox and David Yarbrough - "I Will . . . Forgive" [PDF]
Marriage of Grace Jennings and Scott Killian - "Built On the Rock" [PDF]

Circuit and District
Saints Philip & James at SELC BOD & Eastern Circuit - "Looking for the Father?"
SELC District General Pastoral Conference - "The Victory of Faith"
SELC District Eastern Circuit Pastors Conference - "All That You Need"
Lutheran Haven 65th Anniversary (Vigil of Pentecost) - Homily [PDF]
SELC District Professional Church Workers Conference -
                                                      "The Greatness of Little Children" [PDF]
SELC Eastern Circuit Pastors and District Board of Directors - Jonah [PDF]
Montreal Forum - "We Preach Christ Crucified" [PDF]
SELC Eastern Circuit Pastors' Retreat - "Preach the Word" [PDF]
SELC District Convention - "As It Was in the Beginning, It Will Be Again" [PDF]

Higher Things
Friday Matins (2013) - "Life and Forgiveness From Above" [PDF]
Friday Matins (2014) - "Feasting on the Lamb" [PDF]

Missouri Synod
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Mailing Address: 3057 Nutley Street Suite 822, Fairfax, VA  22031
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